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Do you want more from your furniture?

Turn ordinary furniture into extraordinary multi-functional furniture by integrating our German engineered furniture hardware into your designs. Our lift and extension systems will allow you to make furniture that is more ergonomic, space saving, multi-functional and of course attention-grabbing.

What can you build with our functional furniture hardware solutions?

Contemporary furniture and tables that can be built with our mechanical and electrical hardware solutions include coffee tables, dining tables, game tables, bar tables, and side tables. Just imagine a coffee table that converts into a dining room table, or a dining room table that has an extension hidden within itself so you never have to search for that removable middle leaf again when you expect guests.

Our electrical lift systems (which are “Made in Germany”) allow you to add additional features to your furniture designs. Build a remote controlled hi-lo table with our electrical table lifts and utilize our scissor lifts to raise appliances out of kitchen cabinets, a hidden bar out of a chest or to lower a flat panel TV from the ceiling.

Our products are durable and have been manufactured to meet the highest expectations during continuous use.

How to find the product that's right for your project

To select the product that is the right fit for your project, please visit our Configuration System, which guides you to find the product that fits your needs or choose to visit our complete product listing page. All items have a detailed description and technical specifications, but please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Our functional furniture hardware can be utilized
for residences, boats, RVs, offices, workplaces, health care
and much more


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